Product Information

For continued safe and comfortable wear of your lenses, you are advice to adhere to these instructions.

Misuse of the lens could cause significant damage to eyes.

You are advised to follow the eye practitioner’s’ instructions before wearing any lenses. You must have eye doctor prescription before buying any contact lenses. Consult your eye care professional or eye doctor for advice on the safe insertion and removal of your contact lenses. Eye exams are not that expensive and well worth the money you spend, considering the well being of your eyesight.

The contact lenses are made of Poly hema. This substance has proved to be very bio-compatible in many studies. These high-quality contact lenses have been produced by strictly adhering to quality control such as ISO (international Organization Standard), CE certification of safety and material approved by FDA.

You are advised not to wear more than 6 consecutive hours a day for any contact lenses.

Please remove the lenses from your eyes immediately if you feel any irritation, uncomfortable, burning and other symptoms. See your eyes doctor immediately if the symptoms persisted.
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