Black Sclera

Black Sclera

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Product Description

Sold in 1 pair (2 lenses). Ever wondered how cosplayer always stand out from crowd? This Full Cover Black Sclera lens is a fan favorite, best-seller, and one of our outright freakiest lenses! This is a solid black theatrical contact lens that covers the majority of the white part of your eye (the sclera) and your iris to give the illusion that your whole eye is black. A pair of Black Sclera lenses is a vital accessory for all otherworldly creatures and would-be aliens.

Please Note: These theatrical lenses will not fit in a standard contact lens storage case.

Storing and Cleaning Contact Lenses:

Contact lenses must be stored in suitable contact lens case. This keeps the lenses clean, soft and safe to use. Fill a lens case with solution and place lenses inside. Contact lenses should not be allowed to dry out. Never swap contact lenses with another person. Handle your lenses with care (they are very soft and delicate).


Due to the size of sclera lenses could be use or wearing of them uncomfortable. Your vision could be worse. They are not suitable for all day use. Don't drive with them or not do any other dangerous activities where you need clear vision.

Descriptions :

Packaging : 2 lenses per box.

Power : Non-prescription

Replacement : 12 months

Fittings : IA: 22 mm Base Curve 9

Water Content 45%

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